Gardening Basics: Tips on prepping your garden

April 11, 2017

The spring season is officially here. HURRAY! That means that warmer weather is on its way and planting is right around the corner. Meaning so it is the perfect time for you to prep your garden.


Tip  1. Prep the soil making sure all items from last year are out  i.e. weeds, old stems etc.


Tip 2. The next step would be to enrich the soil by either using  a Humus, Pete Moss, Manure or other organic material... If you're a could use coffee grounds, crushed eggshells or vegetables scraps from your kitchen allowing those to compost before adding them to your garden.


Tip 3. Next work up the the soil: till, shovel or trowel to work the organic material together with the soil. Next use a garden rake to smooth everything out.


Tip 4. Now we're ready to plant! Get some plants veggies, flowers or something you've picked up... Take a trowel and dig a hole a little bigger than what you need. Take the plant out of the packet and gently loosen the roots and soil to allow the roots to reach for new territory! Set the plant  level with the ground and gently compact the soil around the base to compress some of the air out (not too tight just nice and firm). Once your garden is planted be sure to WATER. The growing is just beginning, Happy Gardening!





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