*Tuesday Tips* With all the rain we've been having should I still water my outdoor flowers?

August 1, 2017

On average, plants are going to need an inch depth of water per week whether it be from rain fall or sprinkler fall. If you are using a watering can or a hose you're going to want half a gallon per square foot. If you are watering larger deep rooted plants such as trees you are going to want to double or triple the amount of water. Using a hose is going to take longer than you think so if you want to ensure your plants are getting enough water you can always dig down into the soil every once in awhile to check for moisture. Don't forget that taking care of the soil will let it hold moisture and keep the plants healthier. So don't forget to fertilize, use compost, or top the soil with mulch. To answer the question, if you have received enough rain then there is no need to over water but if it was only a slight drizzle then you can give them a little extra to drink but keep in mind you don't want to over water.




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