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5 tips for flawless flower photography

March 29, 2017

Over the years I have been the "tech wizard" at Surroundings Events & Floral. My duties here at the shop are to maintain our online media sources, create and update our stunning new website, take photographs, and fix anything technical that just so happens to go wrong. I have been taking photo's for over 3 years and am a photojournalist for the United States Air Force. Now that you guys know a little bit about me I think its time for me to give a few of my tips for taking photos of the beautiful arrangements John and his team make here at the shop.


Tip #1: Lighting Lighting Lighting!

I cannot ever put enough emphasis on lighting. No matter what your subject is lighting is always the number one factor especially with flowers. You want enough light where all the colors shine miraculously but not to much where you wash out the whites.


Tip #2: Stay away from grainy pictures

The last thing you want in a picture of flowers is grain. You want your flowers to show up crystal clear and be the main focus. Having a layer of grain could destroy the beauty of the flowers. Make sure you keep your ISO below 800 and you should be in the safe zone.


Tip #3: Aperture

Having the correct f-stop will help your flowers pop just the way you like. I will say that depending on your background you may need to adjust, but majority of the time I would recommend a pretty low f-stop so there is a nice background blur. Having that background blur will  make the flowers pop!


Tip #4: Focus

Now this one seems like common sense but focusing on flowers can be somewhat tricky, especially when using a low f-stop. Maybe you want to focus on a single flower petal instead of the entire arrangement. Using the specific point of focus lets you get really creative with your flower photography.


Tip #5: Always Edit

Editing is always a good thing as long as you don't over edit. A lot of times you will take a picture and think it looks amazing without any editing but always, always, always edit. It doesn't have to be a lot but by adjusting the contrast and colors just a little bit may pay off big in the end.






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